Investors have deserted Intel, piled into TSMC

• Like 10nm chipsets earlier, Intel’s 7nm designs may also face delays while AMD moved to 7nm chips this year, and Qualcomm has moved to even smaller 5nm designs • After CEO Bob Swan said Intel is considering outsourcing, the company’s shares slumped 16% • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) produces more than a billion… Continue reading Investors have deserted Intel, piled into TSMC

Wealth exodus from China continues

Australia has been named the top destination for migrating millionaires Australia and the US were consistently named at the top of the world’s immigration “wish lists.” Australia was named the top destination for millionaires because of its low crime rate, strong school system, first-class healthcare system and growing economy Source: VisualCapitalist

EGovernance international best cases

Germany offers the public employment service that places people in the labor world every year without independent mediation by a staff member. This is made possible by “Arbeitsamt online”, the placement service of the public employment services on the Internet. Each day roughly 250,000 people use the multifaceted offerings of this system.