Disruptive Innovation Theory

An innovation that is disruptive allows a whole new population of consumers at the bottom of market access to a… Read More

5 months ago

10/20/30 Rule of Presenting

A presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points. Read More

5 months ago

How to decide whether a project is worth pursuing

Interest: do you think about it in your free time and bring it up in random conversations? Importance: will it… Read More

6 months ago

Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory

Simply put, these are factors that lead to satisfaction and motivate employees to work harder. Examples might include enjoying your… Read More

1 year ago

Excellence can be cultivated and nurtured

The Pygmalion effect is a psychological phenomenon wherein high expectations lead to improved performance in a given area. Read More

1 year ago

The Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule)

In economic terms, there is a diminishing marginal benefit. This is related to the law of diminishing returns: each additional… Read More

2 years ago