Global Startup Ecosystem

• Asia-Pacific went from having 20% of all top ecosystems in 2012 to 30% today • Silicon Valley remains the top performer in value creation and exits, with ecosystems like London, New York and Beijing also performing strongly • São Paulo, Salt Lake-Provo and Delhi punch above their weight in translating successful startups into subsequent… Continue reading Global Startup Ecosystem

How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

1. Just 7 strategies cover every consumer apps’ early growth. 2. Most startups found their early users from just a single strategy. 3. The most popular strategies involve going to users directly — online, offline and through friends. 4. To execute any of these strategies, it is important to first narrowly define the target users. 5. The tactics to get your first… Continue reading How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

Instagram Reels in India

• Instagram Reels is currently being tested in India that lets users record 15-second videos with music and audio clips. • Facebook had recently shut down its TikTok clone app Lasso and was concentrating on ‘Reels’. • Facebook recently partnered with Indian music label Saregama to give access to music library for Instagram music. Source:… Continue reading Instagram Reels in India

Middle East FinTech Study

Key highlights of ‘Middle East FinTech Study’ by Deloitte: • The average usage of P2P money transfer solutions among banking customers in the Middle East is 42% • 22% of customers use FinTech solutions/features with money transfers the most popular one • Qataris with a medium-range income constitute the core market of consumers • Peer-to-peer… Continue reading Middle East FinTech Study