How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

1. Just 7 strategies cover every consumer apps’ early growth. 2. Most startups found their early users from just a single strategy. 3. The most popular strategies involve going to users directly — online, offline and through friends. 4. To execute any of these strategies, it is important to first narrowly define the target users. 5. The tactics to get your first… Continue reading How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users


What is RaaS (Robotics-as-a-service)?Performing tasks by robots/ embedded electronics/ IoT, connected via cloud; benefited by tech like Data Analytics, ML, etc. Why RaaS?Robots made an impact in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, but RaaS can enable IoT and robotic automation for SMEs at a lower cost. Platform Examples:– Google Cloud Robotics Platform– AWS Robomaker by… Continue reading Robotics-as-a-service

Evolution of Digital Payments

• 1994: First online purchase.• 1997: First mobile payments and first contactless payments.• 1999: Paypal launches electronic money transfer service.• 2003: Alibaba launches Alipay in China.• 2007: M-PESA created the first payments system for mobile phones.• 2009: Bitcoin enabled secure and untraceable payments.• 2013: WeChat Pay introduced, which by 2018 surpassed 800 million monthly active… Continue reading Evolution of Digital Payments

5 years of Digital India

• The world’s largest digital literacy program, PMG Disha, has already trained around 3 crore candidates. • JAM (JanDhan, Aadhaar and Mobile) trinity facilitated the direct benefit transfers worth more than ₹11 lakh crores, directly into the bank account of beneficiaries. • MyGov, with 1crore+ users ensured active participation of people. • Formulation of 796… Continue reading 5 years of Digital India

Instagram Reels in India

• Instagram Reels is currently being tested in India that lets users record 15-second videos with music and audio clips. • Facebook had recently shut down its TikTok clone app Lasso and was concentrating on ‘Reels’. • Facebook recently partnered with Indian music label Saregama to give access to music library for Instagram music. Source:… Continue reading Instagram Reels in India

Contribution of Smartphones to Digital Governance in India

Key highlights of Contribution of Smartphones to Digital Governance in India by ICEA and KPMG (July 2020): • India is expected to get 829 million smartphone users by 2022. • India is the fastest growing app market in the world; the top country in terms of app downloads as of 2019. • Data usage has… Continue reading Contribution of Smartphones to Digital Governance in India

Reliance India’s 2020 AGM

Key announcements at Reliance India’s 2020 AGM include: • Jio5G: India’s first 5G network• Google’s investment for 7.7% stake in Jio• Google-Jio to develop an Android-based platform for an affordable 5G phone• JioMeet to expand into edutech and healthtech• Expansion of JioMart with WhatsApp as a platform• JioGlass: Affordable MR headset for commercial applications Source:… Continue reading Reliance India’s 2020 AGM

Percentage of countries in each region offering online services (2020)

• Asia: 90% of countries offer business registration and business license application services online.  • Oceania: The most commonly offered online service is applying for government vacancies (86%) and the least prevalent is registering a motor vehicle (14%). • Americas: The most popular online services (up to 94% countries) include registering a business, paying for… Continue reading Percentage of countries in each region offering online services (2020)

EGovernance international best cases

Germany offers the public employment service that places people in the labor world every year without independent mediation by a staff member. This is made possible by “Arbeitsamt online”, the placement service of the public employment services on the Internet. Each day roughly 250,000 people use the multifaceted offerings of this system.

India’s Edtech Opportunity

The heart of EdTech surge is the US, with 43% of the world’s EdTech enterprises having their headquarters located in the USA. India has the second-highest number of EdTech startups, with 10% being located in the country. Brazil (9%), the UK (8%), and China (3%) all make it into the top 5 countries leading the way in EdTech.

Digital Lending: A $1 Trillion opportunity for India

By the year 2023, it is estimated that MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) digital lending may increase 10-15 times to arrive at INR 6-7 Lakh Crore ($80-100 billion) worth of annual disbursements, creating a window for traditional lenders to go digital. With the growth of API based data distribution patterns and the technical know-how… Continue reading Digital Lending: A $1 Trillion opportunity for India

Growth of Digital Payments and the emergence of FinTech in India

The government of India has proved to be a catalyst in the growth of the digital payments ecosystem in the form of modernization of payment infrastructure, digital literacy and offering ease of setting up a business. The government pushed a surge of digital inclusion in the country with subsidies, programs and incentives including: BHIM cashback… Continue reading Growth of Digital Payments and the emergence of FinTech in India

Digital Tax in India: 2% Equalisation levy

Introduced in the Finance Act 2016, an “equalisation levy” at the rate of 6% (on the nonresident companies indulged in the digital advertisement space) sought to address the tax-related challenges by the growing digitization of the Indian economy. Effective from 1 April 2020, the scope has been widened to cover the levy of 2% on… Continue reading Digital Tax in India: 2% Equalisation levy

How Kerala flattened the covid curve?

Public health infrastructure:Kerala has at least two primary health centers for every three villages, which is one every 3.95 kilometers against the national average of 7.3km. Efficient contact tracing:Through contact tracing, the team was able to track nearly 98% of all primary and secondary contacts, as reported for one district. Early calamity declaration:Kerala government declared… Continue reading How Kerala flattened the covid curve?

RFID in Postal and Courier Services

RFID tags are inserted in the parcel label and when the parcels approach an RFID scanner at the carrier, the RFID label is automatically read and updated with EDI messages about the parcel via antennas. By doing so, the carrier does not have to hand scan the parcel. When the label is RFID scanned the carrier may add events to the parcel, for example sending ‘your parcel is on its way’ notification to the customer.

Phases of response to the coronavirus epidemic

Implementations of travel restrictions, declaration of it being a pandemic by the WHO, testing of international passengers with mandatory quarantining, etc. are some of the measures that indicate that a region or a country has entered the phase of precaution. Stock market is expected to take a large hit due to the sentiment of fear.

Fuel the growth with Market Intelligence

Market intelligence studies the external and internal sources of useful information to script an accurate prospect of market parameters that may help understand the direction of focus, for the overall growth of existing or new products and services in terms of business strategy and modeling.

10th India Investment Conference by CFA Society India.

10th India Investment Conference

Key points from the talk by Sir Howard Davies (Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the former Director of London School of Economics): ⁃ More cash has gone into shadow banking which is less regulated and transparent. ⁃ Big tech (like Google) is keen on fintech. The question is whether fintechs can get… Continue reading 10th India Investment Conference by CFA Society India.