Facebook Watch gets 1.25 billion+ visitors every month


• Facebook Watch is now receiving more than 1.25 billion visitors every month

• Product lead Paresh Rajwat said there was “a really big surge” at the beginning of lockdown and social distancing, and that the surge has not subsided as society begins to reopen

• Facebook Watch launched in 2018. Back in June of last year, the company said that 720 million people were watching at least one minute of Watch content every month

• Live programming has increased significantly during the pandemic, with 13.7 million people watching the UEFA Champions League final

• Publishers and other businesses will be able to charge for access to live online events, with Facebook taking no fees for the next year

• Added licensed music videos, with Katy Perry premiering her music video for “Smile” exclusively on Facebook Watch

Source: TechCrunch

By Rahul Sethi

Former President, Students' Gymkhana and UG Secretary, IIT Kanpur