44.8 Gigapixel Image of ‘The Night Watch’

• A museum in Amsterdam has uploaded a high-resolution scan of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch painting as a part of an ongoing restoration project, assisted by machine learning software

• Painted in 1642, The Night Watch is 11 feet tall and 14 feet wide

• The Rijksmuseum’s imaging team led by data scientist Robert Erdmann made this photograph of The Night Watch from a total of 528 exposures

• The 24 rows of 22 pictures were stitched together digitally with the aid of neural networks

• The final image is made up of 44.8 gigapixels (44,804,687,500 pixels), and the distance between each pixel is 20 micrometers (0.02 mm)

• The image will also be used to accurately track any future ageing processes taking place in the painting

• Scanning the painting was a lengthy and laborious process using a technique called macro-XRF scanning

• Check out the massive 44.8 gigapixel digital copy of The Night Watch here

Source: Vice

By Tanay Anand

Media & Data Science research lab @ Adobe