Principles of App Design

  • “Less, but better”. Keep it simple to not confuse or overwhelm your user
  • Allow users to make decisions to personalize their journeys
  • If your content cannot be read, the design just does not work
  • Keep the cognitive load at its utmost minimum; while using your app, the user must be able to navigate without any explanations
  • If your app is available across devices, keep the experience as seamless as possible
  • Keep an exceptional onboarding at the core of your product. Remember that “first impression” often defines the entire play
  • Do not attempt to modify the usual behavior for “a behavior” you wish to exist in the world
  • Remember that UI is “what you see” and UX is “ what you do with what you see and how you feel about it”. UI is the bridge that gets us where we want to go, UX is the feeling we get when we arrive

Source: Growth Ninja

By Aman Gupta

Product Analyst @ Sprinklr, IIT Kanpur alumnus