Did Fortnite just kill the App Store as we know it?


Epic Games’ Fortnite offered a direct in-app payment system bypassing apple’s (with 30% cut) & google’s; violating their rules and got itself removed. Fortnite has now charged them for being anti-competitive, claiming that app stores are monopolies.

The gaming giant’s move is ‘revolutionary’ because it may disrupt the app-store business of Google and Apple.

• Released a spoof video of the iconic Apple’s ad from 1984, painting it as a villain, like Apple did to IBM

• With a 60-page complaint for each, asking the court to end Apple and Google’s anti-competitive conduct, but no compensation

• Big-name representation; one of Epic’s lawyers ran the Justice Department’s antitrust division

• Earlier this year, the European Commission opened 2 antitrust investigations into Apple’s App Store, citing a complaint by Spotify

Source: CNN

By Tanay Anand

Media & Data Science research lab @ Adobe