Megatrends 2020 and beyond


• 5G will provide the Speed, Data Volume and Low Latency to become the connective backbone of human augmentation

• Edge Computing moves Computing from the Cloud to the Device and is a Transformative shift for human Augmentation Technologies

• Generational change is happening both within and between countries as leading economies age and developing market remain young

• Human augmentation will require highly Dependable Power Sources; Next-generation Batteries — at 1/6 the cost and 20x the operating life

• Efficient Computing that can process Huge Volumes of Data in real time

• The Next Decade will be shaped by the Maturation of Generation Z, the largest generational cohort in history

• Authentication patents jumped by 276% between 2007 and 2017

• Coverage across mis and disinformation increased 93% in 2019

Source: MegaTrends 2020 & Beyond by EY

By Tanay Anand

Media & Data Science research lab @ Adobe