586 startup unicorns in the world

  • 586 unicorns in the world, based in 29 countries and 145 cities
  • USA leads china by 233 to 227, making up 78% of world’s unicorns
  • E-commerce, Fintech, AI and SaaS are top 4 core competence sectors of world’s unicorns, making up 45.9% of the sectoral universe of these unicorns
  • Sequoia is the world’s most successful investor in unicorns, being a key investor in 1/5 of the world’s unicorns. Others include Tencent, Softbank, Tiger, IDG, Goldman Sachs, and Alibaba
  • On average, set up 9 years ago, with 80% selling services and 60% consumer-facing
  • 59% are consumer-facing while 41% are B2B
  • The total value of all known unicorns in the world is $1.8tn, equivalent to the GDP of Italy
  • Of the 61 unicorns founded by Indians, a massive 2/3 are based outside of India, predominately Silicon Valley in the USA, whilst only 21 are based in India
  • 9/10 cities are in China and USA, with London the only other city in the top 10
  • By city, Beijing is the world’s unicorn capital with 93, ahead of San Francisco with 68 and followed by Shanghai, New York, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.
  • As a region, Silicon Valley leads the world with 122 or 21% of the world’s unicorns
1USA233 (+30)1-Beijing93 (+11)
2China227 (+21)2-San Francisco68 (+13)
3UK24 (+11)3-Shanghai47 (+0)
4India21 (+0)4-New York33 (+8)
5South Korea11 (+5)5Shenzhen20 (+2)
6Germany10 (+3)5-Hangzhou20 (+1)
7Brazil8 (+4)7London16 (+7)
7Israel8 (+1)8-Palo Alto12 (+2)
9France7 (+3)9Nanjing11 (-1)
10Switzerland5 (+2)10Redwood City10 (+1)
10Indonesia5 (+1)11Seoul9 (+4)
12-Japan3 (+1)12Guangzhou8 (+0)
12*Canada3 (+3)12Bengaluru8 (-1)
14Singapore2 (+0)12Boston8 (+0)
14Sweden2 (+0)15Sao Paulo7 (+3)
14Australia2 (+1)16Gurgaon6 (-1)
14Spain2 (+1)16Mountain View6 (+0)
14Malta2 (+1)16Paris6 (+2)
19Finland1 (+0)19Sunnyvale5 (+0)
19*Lithuania1 (+1)19*Tel Aviv5 (+2)
19Argentina1 (+0)19Hong Kong5 (+1)
19*Nigeria1 (+1)19Berlin5 (+1)
19Luxembourg1 (+0)23Santa Monica4 (+0)
19Philippines1 (+0)23*San Mateo4 (+1)
19Estonia1 (+0)23Chengdu4 (+0)
19Ireland1 (+0)23Atlanta4 (+0)
19Colombia1 (+0) 23*Los Angeles4 (+2)
19*Malaysia1 (+1)23Jakarta4 (-1)
19*Austria1 (+1)    
Top countries and cities where the world’s unicorns are based

Source: Harun

By Salil Ostwal

Assistant Product Manager at IndiaMART