Lockdown could have caused more deaths than it saved

Chemistry Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt has turned his research attentions to studying COVID-19 outbreaks. (Photo: L.A. CICERO/Stanford News)

• Michael Levitt, a Stanford University professor and a Nobel Laureate who correctly predicted the initial scale of the pandemic, suggested that the coronavirus lockdown could have caused more deaths than it saved

• He also said that Neil Ferguson’s modelling overestimated deaths

• Termed lockdown to be a crude and medieval-sounding phrase

• Suggested the decision to keep people indoors was motivated by ‘panic’

• Thinks epidemiologists exaggerate their claims so that people are more likely to listen to them

Source: StanfordDaily, DailyMail

By Parth Chhaparwal

Incoming Associate Consultant at Bain & Co.